Frequently Asked Questions


"Why use Bill's Tennis Shoppe?"

Because all stringing is done by Bill himself, no HS kids or part-time stringers. He offers a five star stringing guarantee and a double guarantee if any racket is improperly strung.  See our stringing page for all the details!

"What if you don't have the type of string I normally use?"

We can order any type of string you prefer and have it strung within 4 business days or, if you already have your preferred string, we will string it for a labor cost of $16.

"You say you guarantee your stringing? What do you mean?"

All stringing is guaranteed from breaking and wear within a reasonable time frame?  This is a discussion that Bill has with every customer before stringing and is dependent on string, playing style, and tension.  As a fellow player, he has always treated his customers fairly and with the highest standards of ethics.

"How long does it take to get a racket strung?"

Generally, we try to have rackets strung within 24-48 hrs.


"What Kinds of Clinics do you offer?"

Bill is well known for offering exceptional 

clinics in doubles and singles strategy.  His clinics incorporate an organized, progressive approach to fully assist players in developing and improving their game.  He has done USTA Team clinics, specialized doubles clinics, and even singles clinics to maximize individual styles.  He limits his clinics to 3-4 players per court in order to insure quality instruction and individualized attention.  Please call to get more information as each clinic is customized to meet the needs of the participants.​


"What Kinds of lessons do you provide?"

Bill has done it all!  :-)  Having coached high school & middle school tennis, worked at a small country club, large country club, and a summer camp, he has the experience (40+ years) to meet player needs.  As a certified professional, he is comfortable teaching mechanics, strategy, tactics, proper training techniques, and mental toughness.

"How expensive are tennis lessons?"

Bill's rates are compatible with other highly certified tennis professionals.  He prefers either half hour or hour private lessons.  For semi-private or group lessons, an hour is best.  His rates for private lessons are $35/half hour or $65/hour.  Semi-privates are $70/hour.  Group lessons depend on the number of participants and the longevity of the lesson(s).